Friday, September 9, 2016

IMTA Alum Mallory Merk in Wonderland Magazine!

IMTA Alum Mallory Merk is in the latest issue of Wonderland! Here's an excerpt from the Q&A style article:
Can you tell us about how you got scouted?

Mallory: I would always do little Instagram shoots when I was younger, like 12-13, and my followers started going up. I also put out a cover of Drake’s Marvin’s room which got a lot of love and pushed my numbers up. I got officially scouted when I attended an event called IMTA and I attended it when I was 14 years old, summer of last year, as a singer and actress. I went with my mother agency Social New York and while I was there I met Erin from New York Models and we hit it off!

Mallory competed at IMTA New York 2015 with Social New York.  She recently released an amazing EP with Herrick Hooley.

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